Best Practice for Boards (and hidden boards)

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I would love to see how others use their boards!

I currently re-arrange them with my most popular at the top, but I will also arrange them based on the season (so the holiday one is near the top around Christmas). 

I've practiced hiding a lot of the boards that do not pertain to my business. Boards like 'date ideas' - 'floor plans' - 'workouts'..because they don't align with my business and other boards as much. It also helps clean up my 'profile' since I have so many!

Would love to hear your thoughts on boards (or if it matters 🙂

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OooOoo good topic to get started, @saffronavenue! Personally, I think organizing by seasonality/trends is important since it's the first thing people see. 

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Hello! Thank you for perfect topic!
Boards are very important because they are the main part of your profile. I keep my most popular boards on the top of my profile. I also put them on featured boars part. I mostly put seasonable boards on there and change them regularly.

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Great topic to discuss and I have never re-arranged my boards, that will definitely be something I check out this week now.  I do hide personal boards as well or some boards from when I first started pinning that are just embarrassing! 

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