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Hey Creators! Gabby here from the Creator Community Kickoff this afternoon. 👋

We hope you enjoyed the event!! If you have a moment, please fill out our survey so we can make sure your thoughts and ideas are incorporated into future community events. Your feedback matters, especially as this program continues to grow and evolve over time. 

For those who attended, we’d love for y’all to share what your favorite part was about the event. Feel free to use this thread to connect with other creators and swap your Pinterest handles! After all, that’s what community is alllll about. 💜

P.S. Interested in starting your Creator journey? Sign up now to join our program and be a part of the Pinterest Creator Community. 


The Creator Community team

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Hi, everyone! Nice to "see" you all in the Creator event today. I'm Jana O. - Pinterest educator, Creator, Pinterest Pioneer, Dog mom... South Florida-based entrepreneur. 🌴 👩🏻‍💻

I'm on Pinterest (and here, and everywhere 🙂 as @JanaOMedia 

Nice to connect! 

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Hi all, love to support all creators - give me a follow and will return and show some love!!



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👋Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I'm a Black Fashion, Glam and Skincare creator based in Houston, Texas! 🖤 I'm happy to connect with others on any platform but especially Pinterest ☺️ my handle is @olvndbrwn !

Reply to this post to get a mutual connection going with me! Happy to meet you all!

Handle: @olvndbrwn 
Pinterest: O+B Pinterest Profile 

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Hi everyone! My name is Paris S. Chanel. I am a fashion, travel, luxury, and food creator. I am looking forward to this series and ways to grow and become a top and verified Pinterest Creator. Let's connect:

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Hi everyone! I’m Briana, a personal trainer and virtual fitness coach. I love tacos, lifting weights and creating themed workouts (everything from 4th of July to Halloween to Christmas & more!) because if it’s not fun I don’t want to be doing it. I’d love to connect with you 

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Hi, I’m Ash! A New York-based, enthusiastic digital creator. When I’m not busy pinning on Pinterest until my heart is full, - I love creating intelligent content, compelling stories, and building meaningful connections, one click at a time You can find me on IG at @ashhh_.x 💙

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Hello everybody, I'm Silvia @mamalatinatips and I share bilingual content on Mexican food and culture on Pinterest. I live in San Luis Obispo California and I would love to connect with other foodies like me. 


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Hi there, creators! Love the community we have the chance to create here ♡
I'm a lifestyle blogger and you can find me as @lapetitemillennial pretty much everywhere 🙂
My website is
Happy to connect with everybody! ♡♡♡

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Hi everyone!

So happy to connect with all of you today at the Creator Community Kickoff! I create content about my pet ducks. I mostly create idea pins that educate people about raising pet ducks as well as create entertaining videos about them.


My page is here:

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