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Account suspension

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Hi there. I have had a Pinterest account for a long time now where I've been consistently posting original content, and built quite a following with it. About a week ago I was unable to login to my account and received the message my Pinterest account was deactivated. I've heard the main reason for this is because Community Guidelines were violated or my account was seen as spam.

The deactivation happened right after I had tried something new, posting around a 100 pins in a short period of time, which looked quite similar to each other, had long titles, linked back to my website, and were reposted from an Instagram account related to the clothing of my brand. Looking back I completely recognize that this is not something I should have done and it's not what is expected from creators on Pinterest. I also reckon this is what my account was deactivated for.

I submitted a contact request but it's been over a week and I haven't received any responses. I filed another ticket but with the same result, only receiving an automated email. When responding to this automated email I receive a message saying:
‘Oof! It looks like your message didn’t go through. This usually happens if it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you, or if your original question was closed. Sorry about that!’

Is there any other way I can get in touch with Pinterest about the reactivation of my account? I recognize what went wrong and if possible, would like a chance to focus on original content exclusively, keeping my page clean and in compliance with Pinterest's community guidelines at all times. My account is supposed to be a source of fashion inspiration in the Chinese Y2K niche and a showcase of my brand, not a spam account.

The deactivated account is

Warm regards, Walter

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