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Account suspension appeal

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My account "affiliatessama" was suspended and I'd like to understand why this was done. I am not a spam account, and I'm not posting any malicious, ill-mannered content. I post money and motivation related content which had just started gaining some new following. I am terribly sorry if I have done something to breach the Pinterest guidelines, and I will not repeat that mistake again. I hope my appeal reaches the right person. 

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Hi there @urstudybuddysama, thanks for flagging this.

The best way for you to proceed is to file a ticket with our team -- this link goes directly to the team equipped to resolve account-specific issues like these. Please continue working with that team on this as they partner closely with engineering who has the ability to diagnose any issues with Pinterest accounts. I wish there was more I could do here but the teams who work on your ticket are closer to the work being done to resolve your concern.

Give us a shout if you need anything else. 

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