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Re: Pin Creation Announcement and FAQ

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We recently announced changes to our Pin creation tool in an effort to build a more inspired and seamless approach to creation on Pinterest. We’re evolving our platform and making meaningful changes based on feedback from our Pinterest community. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to create inspiring content! These changes include links on all Pins, comprehensive video metrics, post-publish editing tools and more. For more information make sure to check out our Newsroom post and Help Center article.

The purpose of this article is to provide answers to your questions around these recent changes. 

We hope these answers were helpful. Please rate the article if it helped you or leave a comment if you have any questions! 



Q:  What happened to Idea Pins?

  • Idea Pins are now Pins: we’re bringing the best of our new formats to all Pins. All the expressive features creators have come to love (like music, product tagging, stickers) and the features previously available to Pins (such as links, scheduling, post-publish editing, and different aspect ratios) are now available to all Pinners for video and image content. 

Q: If Idea Pins can no longer be created, what will happen to my formerly created Pins with pages?

  • Formerly created Pins with pages will be preserved and will be distributed as videos. There are currently no planned changes to the formatting of previously created paged Pins. 

Q: Can I edit my previously created Idea Pins to add links? 

  • Yes, you can edit your previously published Idea Pins to add links. Please note that by editing links on any Pins including Idea Pins, you will lose previous community engagement interactions on your post such as reactions and comments. 

Q: Can I edit links on my Pins to change the destination URL?

  • Yes, you can edit links on your previously published Pins. Please note that by editing links on any Pins including Idea Pins, you will lose previous community engagement interactions on your post such as reactions and comments.

Q: What features can I use when creating a Pin? 

  • Prior to creation
    • Upload your own assets (image(s), video(s), or both) 
    • Record via camera 
    • Save from URL 
  • During creation 
    • Stickers 
    • Text 
    • Music
    • Draw
    • Filters
    • Trim video
    • Add expressive features:
    • Tag products (US/UK)
    • Save, edit or delete draft
    • Change Pin image size (aspect ratio)
  • On finishing touches: 
    • Add title 
    • Add details & description
    • Add link
    • Add paid partnership tag
    • Add topic tags 
    • Schedule publish date 
    • Disable comments
    • Enable / disable shopping recommendations
  • After publish: edit title, link, description, comments and board saved 

Q: Can I still make Pins through the browser extension?

  • Yes, all users are still eligible to create Pins through our browser extension.

Q: Do I have to add stickers, links, music or other features to my content in order to publish a Pin? 

  • No, you are not required to add these features to your Pin in order to publish, but they are available to use for all format types if you so choose.

Q: Where is the Pin creation tool available? 

  • The Pin creation tool is available to all users globally. Markets include: US CA UK DE FR IT ES AT CH NL BE CY CZ DK FI GR HU IE LU MT NO PL PT RO SE SK AU NZ JP IN ID SG KR BR MX AR CO CL PE.

Q: How do I create an image Pin?

  • Once you are in the creation tool, you can create an image Pin one of two ways: 
    • Save directly from URL by selecting the globe icon on the bottom left from asset picker. Input the URL and select an image to create a Pin.
    • Select a single image from asset picker and proceed to the Pin creation flow (please note, if you plan to add music or gif stickers to your Pin, this will convert your Pin into a video)
    • Take a photo with your camera 

Q: How do I create a video Pin?

  • Once you are in the creation tool, you can create a video Pin one of two ways: 
    • On desktop, select a video to upload from asset picker
    • On iOS and Android, select a video, multiple images, multiple images and videos, or multiple videos from your camera roll and proceed to the Pin creation flow (please note: adding expressive features will not change the format of the Pin, it will remain a video Pin) 
    • On iOS and Android camera (mobile)

Q: Why can’t I create pages anymore? 

  • We have evolved our creation formats to images and videos. Adding multiple assets, images or videos, on Android and iOS will now render as a video Pin.
  • We are deprecating pages to ensure the simplest yet most rewarding experience for our users. image and video are our most popular Pin types and see reliable success and engagement on our platform. This shift enables creators to create their best content.

Q: Why is my multi-image content turning into a video? 

  • When you upload multiple assets in the creation tool on iOS and Android, those assets will stitch together and the resulting format will be a video. This includes multiple images, videos, or both together. 

Q: What is the maximum length for a video Pin?

  • Maximum length for a video pin is five minutes. Please see here for information on our best practices for video and more. 

Q: How do I access Pin Stats? 

  • All account types can view Pin Stats in a closeup view on your published pins. For all business accounts, Pin Stats can be viewed through closeup view on published pins as well as through the creator hub on profile. Navigate to your profile, select the red icon that notes creator hub and select the analytics tab. Please note that Pinner accounts will only see lite versions of metrics that include likes, comments, reactions and boards saved to.

Q: What will happen to my previous Pin drafts?

  • All drafts expire 30 days after creation. This means that you have up to 30 days to post your Pin drafts before they will no longer be accessible. 

Q: With these changes, are RSS feed and CVS Pin creation still available? 

  • Yes, Pins can still be uploaded from RSS feeds and CSV through settings
Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@PinterestJoan Thank you for updating this. Will we be able to use the desktop app for videos and images to build the stickers onto or just mobile? I'm assuming mobile but wasn't sure.

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @PinterestJoan 

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for the update@PinterestJoan!

@heatherfarrisco I just tested this out on desktop and it looks like those features are just on mobile at this time.

Just visiting

Great news! I think this will make it easier for both creators/publishers and pinners to interact with Pinterest. Thank you for simplifying!!!

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


I totally agree with you.


Just visiting

The changes and updates sound great! Thank you!

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Well, change is always a hassle. Ugh... got to change some client directions. But I'm thrilled that now a normal pin with a link can use the paid partnership tool. This is an improvement! 

Posts regularly

Is the update rolling out in stages or something?

I still see the two old idea pin/standard pin tools. Clicking the link in the post redirects me to the idea pin tool.


I'm very excited to see all the types of pins come together in one, and with all the features too 😊

Just visiting

Same - seeing the ability to create Idea Pins in my app and getting a lot of questions from people.


I don't see an update available in the Play Store (Android).

Any guidance how we can get access to the new pin creation tools if we're not seeing them in the app yet?

Just visiting

@jenniferppriest Mine has not updated either but when I go to the idea pin tool it just says upload assets and then acts as a video pin instead of the way I used to upload idea pins. 

Posts regularly

@jenniferppriestYeah, the Android app is always behind, I'm used to it at this point. Last update was on May 8th, so two days before this update was announced. But I'm mostly using desktop, so maybe I should have asked...


Do you guys see the updated version on desktop?


The thing is... since the new pins are supposed to have the ability to have tags even on image pins, I don't want to schedule ahead until I have access to the new pin tool. As I think the pins with tags will do better...

Also you tell me about a new update and then don't give it to me, that's mean... 😂 I'm way to excited about this one.


Update: Looks like it's rolling out on random. One of my accounts now has the new version, for the other I'm still waiting.

This is how you can tell it apart on desktop:



Just visiting

What is the Pinterest story Downloader?

Just visiting

@PinterestJoan Thanks for the update. Could you please confirm, If Pinterest is discontinuing the idea pins then why we are still seeing an option to 'Create Idea Pin'?

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@sameerahmedkhanwork  Have you updated your app?

Just visiting

This is good to know. I took a break, but I'm back and ready to use Pinterest. 

New member

@PinterestJoan Thank you for updating this.

Just visiting

Does this mean we should be creating all pins (image and video) in the 9:16 ratio?

I don't have the update yet and I'm looking at the pin specs.

For video pins, it says "For full-bleed videos (or videos that take up the entire screen), we recommend using a 9:16 ratio or 1080x1920 pixel size. Other options include: 1:2, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5 or 1:1."

For image pins, it doesn't give a recommended aspect ratio.

I would love some clarification. Thank you!


Hi @pinadvertising, thanks for reaching out about this!

The ideal aspect ratio for a Pin is max 2:3 (1000px wide x 1500px high).

You can find more information regarding this in our Help Center article.

Give us a shout if you have any questions! 

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Estou muito contente com as mudanças!!!! 

New member

I have just tested on the desktop and it seems that these features are only on the mobile phone at this time.

Just visiting

Will this mean that outside apps like canva, sprout, later will be able to post videos as pins directly from a scheduler? Since there is not a difference of pin types. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Kontentsia @jenniferppriest @sameerahmedkhanwork! Thanks for your question, these changes are not yet available for everyone but we're working to bring them to more accounts in the coming months.

Just visiting

I can't wait to try this out. I have been revamping my vintage store I had to put on hold during pandemic. Pinterest could have me captivated for hours. I love all the step my step information Pinterest is offering users. Thank you for focusing on this and I hope more people come to find why Pinterest is the best place to do just about anything creative you could dream up. @Back2lifevintage 

New member

Thank you for this valuable information!! My account still has not been updated to remove the Idea Pin feature. Moving forward should I avoid posting idea pins and just post regular pins? Thanks for clarifying!

Loves to help

Update: Looks like it's rolling out on random. One of my accounts now has the new version, for the other I'm still waiting.

This is how you can tell it apart on desktop.



Thanks for sharing info. I still see the old features and Go Live Beta