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Re: Announcing the newly redesigned community site! 🎉

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We’ve got exciting news to share today – The PBC has a NEW look! We are rolling out our redesigned community site to make it easier for you to find the information you need, keep up with the latest product updates, and stay connected. 

The reimagined PBC is more interactive and intuitive than ever before and has been updated to include dedicated spaces for creators and advertisers! Although we have a new look and feel, our mission remains the same - to foster a safe forum for businesses and brands to connect with, inspire and learn from one another—unlocking the secrets to success using Pinterest tools and products.

Thank you to all of our members for inspiring this important change! We’ve implemented your feedback to create a more discoverable and accessible community space. We can’t wait for you to explore the updated community and share your thoughts! ❤️

How to navigate the new community 🧭

Use the top navigation bar to discover relevant content

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.07.29 PM.png


This is where you’ll find information on getting started in the community, announcements and updates from the community team, and information on upcoming events!


Find information on various Pinterest programs including our Spotlights, Pinterest Pioneers, Developers, and Pinterest Partners. 


Are you a Creator? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is your one stop shop for anything and everything related to creating on Pinterest. Find helpful articles, blogs, start a conversation, or join a creator group.


Here you’ll find information related to advertisers, business, and merchants! Stay up to date on all the latest updates in our articles and blogs section or ask a question and find answers in our conversation forum.


Need more information? Head over to our resources section!

Here are some quick links to get you started!

  • Looking for Support? Check out our Creator or Advertiser conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community!
  • Stay up to date: Review knowledge base articles in our Creator and Advertiser article sections.
  • New Here? Join this thread to introduce yourself and start getting to know other community members.
  • Do's and Dont's: Review the Community Code of Conduct and recommendations for productive use.

Lastly, don't forget to give kudos by clicking the thumbs up icon in a post or marking the post that answers your question as an accepted solution. We look forward to your participation!

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


I shared this post already but I thought I would share it here too. Again, thanks to

The Pinterest Team 🎉 for creating a great space.


Wow! The space is really great love the colors and organization of the PBC....Well Done to all who worked on it! Definitely love our new pages showing our PBC more scrolling.

THE IDEA EXCHANGE...what can I say but shockolocka BOOM love it❤️

BEST PART I got my emojis back....yayyy

The Creator Space is crazy amazing @PinterestGabby  love the introduction to the new team Members and all the great resources that have been added this is so great.

Thanks to the Pinterest Team for your hard work and commitment  

You Are Simply The Best!


Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@PinterestJazminLooks great!!

Loves to help

I’m still navigating through, but @PinterestJazmin …so far I LOVE IT ❤️ And @bodymindmood I’m an emoji fan too 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️💖👍🏻

Just visiting

Saludos ,soy nueva y estoy aquí para aprender más .. gracias 

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


I love emojis honestly they are so fun 🤩 




Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Much more user-friendly! 👍

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


It is definitely compared to 2020 I added some thoughts on what could make it better but there are a lot of features they have added that I love. Lisa

Just visiting

The new changes look great!! @PinterestJazmin We are still going to see weekly highlights? They're very helpful!!

Thanks 😊 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! @ladetectivedelasalud yes, we are continuing the weekly insights series! You can find the latest one here😊

New member


how much pin uplaod a day in new pinterest account.

Just visiting

For a newbie Very Informative 

Just visiting


Just visiting


Thank you for give us a great space! 



Just visiting

Goodness it looks so informative and helpful. Still starting to navigate this new route. Don’t even know where to start to take the best advantage from all of wealth of information 

thank you 🫶

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hey @frugal2bless , here are a few links to help you navigate the PBC:

  • Getting Started - This is where you can find our Code of Conduct and instructions on how to build your community profile and respond to a topic/thread. 
  • Looking for Support? Check out our conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community! (Creator Conversations // Advertiser Conversations)
  • Check out our articles section for relevant resources including knowledge base articles and product information (Creator Articles // Advertiser Articles)
  • Stay up to date in our blog section! This is where we’ll share any relevant announcements or news. (Creator Blog // Advertiser Blog)
  • Introduce yourself! Join this thread to introduce yourself and start getting to know other community members.
  • Interested in attending live workshops and events? Make sure to check out our community events page and sign up for a virtual chapter to receive event announcements. (Business chapter //  Creator Chapter)

I hope this helps you.

New member

So excited to be part of something so amazing! Truly incredible how transparent the Pinterest team is! 💖

Just visiting

Hi guys! 

Posts regularly

It's an incredible feel and look of the brand new design of the community platform. I really love it.😀😆

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Great to be apart of this amazing pinterest community. 


Just visiting

Very effective and helpful Information

Just visiting

Amazing 🤩 

Just visiting

I luv the new look! I provided feedback to Pinterest last year saying that the beige theme (now dark green)

was too drab and not uplifting. I certainly dont take any credit for the change of colors but this looks really nice!

Just visiting


Just visiting

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day. 

New member

Love thiss!