Announcing our Helpers of the Month for October!

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We’re excited to share the Helpers of the Month! As always, we want to thank you all for your contributions. Your answers, tips, and feedback in the forums are what makes this space so valuable!

For the month of October, our Helpers are @Monooutfit and @Mmillerrr15! Thank you both for sharing your tips & tricks around increasing discoverability with other members in the community! Be sure to check out the threads down below.

 >> Click here to view Helper of the Month #1 << 

 >> Click here to view Helper of the Month #2 << 

The PBC forums are filled with valuable information and we want to help amplify answers and responses that are especially helpful. We also want to recognize members who are sharing their knowledge and expertise in the community! 

💡 Be sure to mark any responses as an accepted solution if the answer has been helpful for you or other PBC members. When accepting a solution, you are helping others in the community find their answers faster!

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