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New Pinterest creator here!

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Hey there everyone! I’m Krystel of Krystel’s Cooking and I’m a brand new food content creator. I currently have about 60 recipes up on my website but I add new ones daily and post one new unique pin each day. I’ve only been active as a creator since 09/04/23 so not even 2 weeks but at 7 days it was already saying my monthly views were at 1.4K but it hasn’t updated in a day or two so I’m hoping that number has gone up. When I checked the analytics on my website it’s around 120 views daily so far. I’m wondering if I’m doing things right? From what I understand repining pins too soon will be spammy so I don’t even plan to respond anything for a while but I am repining others pins that I like to my recipes I want to try board each day. I’d say I do 10-20 saved pins a day and post my own along with posting and sharing my new pins each day on my other social media sites. Anyone have any suggestions if I’m not already on the right track? I also use SEO keywords in my descriptions but I haven’t really don’t it much in the titles. 
Thanks for reading! I’m excited to be apart of the community! 

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