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We’re excited to welcome you all to this community! Please take a minute to introduce yourself and share a bit about your business, how you use Pinterest and what you're looking forward to being a part of the community. We can't wait to meet you! 

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Hello  @PinterestJanice I am getting in Creating idea pin..I am unable To Upload pics to idea pin..please help  ...

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Hello everyone! 

I'm super excited to be here.
Since manifesting changed my life completely to better i decided to build an account that is all about that.

I really want everyone to become the best version of themselves just like i did.

I wish you all the most happiness 

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Gracias por esos deseos. Saludos

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Hello My name is Wambui Kinuthia , i own an online clothing store,Enoch Fashion - A Stylish Store With A Range Of Clothing That You'll Love.I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my website and get conversions , i am still waiting to get verified .

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@enochfashion88 @YeniceGulev 

Welcome to the PBC!

I read your posts and am glad you both made it to the PBC. I have shared some links and articles below that will help you set yourself up to grow your Pinterest Business Account. The links + articles are great for both Pinterest + The PBC.


Below are some Articles written by Pinterest Pioneers, including me, that you may find helpful. Spend some time looking around and getting familiar with the PBC + Pinterest and definitely remember to create your Profile here on the PBC.

Scheduling Pins

Getting Started On The PBC

Creator Tips & Tricks

Shopping Features For Merchants On Pinterest


I hope the information above helps you reach your Pinterest goals + get as much Pinterest ❤️as possible. If you have any other questions, please come back and ask.


Please Follow Me | Like | Love | Share On Pinterest Thanks!!❤️ -- Lisa
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @ToddyFashion @amreenakhtar508 @paetynbauer  Welcome to the PBC! Please take a moment and introduce yourself, we would love to know more about you!

Happy creating!

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I'm Wiktor from VictoryOnlineBusinessHub.

I know, the profile name is looong 😄

But I'm focused on promoting apps that can help businesses grow.

Previously I just wanted to share my favorite apps, then I added some affiliate links.

Now, it is slowly going to copywriting and digital agency services.

I'm sure that I share content that you can find helpful.

And looking forward to meeting you all!





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Hello everyone! I'm Thea and I write fantasy inspired by Hungarian folklore and fairy tales. I'm also the creator of Lore & Tale, a newsletter full of supernatural creatures and magical places, free stories and serials, as well as bookish news and writing updates.

I've started using Pinterest last fall, at which point I was mostly just trying to see if Pinterest was the type of platform I could enjoy using and whether it could be a sustainable long-term platform for me. I stepped away for a couple of months because I had to focus on other things.

Now I feel I'm ready to commit to Pinterest, specifically, I would like to connect with fantasy readers who might enjoy my stories and my newsletter.

I started posting every day this April, and I've kept up my publishing streak since then. So far, I've been posting an idea pin every six days, while the rest of the days I've posted static pins. I've also committed to creating a new board every week since it felt too overwhelming to set them all up at once.

I'm very much at the throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall stage content-wise 😄

I'd love to connect with others, especially fellow writers to compare notes and see what works. While I'm lucky to have some lovely author friends, I don't really know any other writers who use Pinterest to connect with readers.

Thea Litay | Fantasy Writer | Lore & Tale
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Thank you for your consideration 🙂

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @businessbeta @Positivemindset12 @invitationvala , welcome to the PBC! Please take a moment and introduce yourself, we would love to know more about you! Here are some links to get you started in the PBC:

We're here to help, so feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

Happy creating!

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