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We’re excited to welcome you all to this community! Please take a minute to introduce yourself and share a bit about your business, how you use Pinterest and what you're looking forward to being a part of the community. We can't wait to meet you! 

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @shrunkenharp   @MalloryDro , welcome to the PBC! Here are some links to help you make the most of the PBC:

  • Getting Started - This is where you can find our Code of Conduct and instructions on how to build your community profile and respond to a topic/thread. 
  • Looking for Support? Check out our conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community! (Creator Conversations // Advertiser Conversations)
  • Check out our articles section for relevant resources including knowledge base articles and product information (Creator Articles // Advertiser Articles)
  • Stay up to date in our blog section! This is where we’ll share any relevant announcements or news. (Creator Blog // Advertiser Blog)
  • Introduce yourself! Join this thread to introduce yourself and start getting to know other community members.
  • Interested in attending live workshops and events? Make sure to check out our community events page and sign up for a virtual chapter to receive event announcements. (Business chapter //  Creator Chapter)

Let us know your specific questions you may have. I hope this helps you.

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Hello! I am a documentary and lifestyle photographer. I love to pin families, newborns, and weddings that I photograph as well as outfit, location, and pose inspiration for myself and my clients. This month I hit 1 million impressions a month, which is really exciting! 

Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer in Ohio
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Hello Everyone! I am a blogger @sonatahomedesign who loves to share anything and everything about home decorating (with color!), DIYs, and crafting. I find inspiration every day on Pinterest and look forward to building a synergy between Pinterest and my blog. Looking forward to learning and sharing!

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Hi! I’m Misty, the Mama behind the blog, Life Between the Dishes. I share tips, tricks, and recommendations to help the busy Mama meet the needs of her family while saving her sanity! I create family-friendly printable products such as planners, birthday party supplies, and calendars. I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog and my Etsy shop. I’ve been with Pinterest since the beginning as a user, but just in the past couple of years as a business owner. I’m looking forward to connecting with y’all! 😊

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OH MY GOSH! I’m absolutely in love with your name!!! How creative! 

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Hello I am Sajjad. An advocate from Lahore, Pakistan. I am an administrator of news website

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أتمنى أن تري الحياة دائما جميله وممتعه 

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I am Vikki (@professorwhite) from Fangirl Review. I am a crocheter, crafter, fitness enthusiast, and gamer. I am enjoy so many avenues of entertainment. I have been pinning for years and it was only recently that I decided to be involved in Pinterest Tv. It has been so much fun to show case my streaming ability on this amazing platform. 

Victoria M. White, MA
Fangirl Review
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So blessed to be here. 
My page is a lifestyle page. The modern, carring, bad b, goal minded woman.

and mindset content.

My goal: Looking for building a Stable foundation here on Pinterest. Want to be here for a good and long time.


Personally I’m from/and living in Denmark🇩🇰
But most of my audience is from the United States. So it is an interesting and exciting journey and I enjoy every bit of it.

In love with getting content out there for people to enjoy.


- That was my page and myself, thank you so much! 

Wishing you an amazing day whenever you read this🦋

- Julienielsen1404

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Hi, I am @anonlineguy aka Rahmat from my channel AOG.Arkados. I just began more intense about 3 weeks on Pinterest since I first knew it 10 years ago. I also just joined this Community 3 days ago. As usual, I found many cool features on Pinterest that seem hidden, like this Community site, I was only able to find it after googling 😅. I just issued some concerns and suggestions to Pinterest in my thread "I think Pinterest needs to know my curiosity", please help to check, push kudos and comment.

Have a great weekend, guys!

My Channel AOG.Arkados pls visit, follow, pin, like, star, or comment.  

Thank you.

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