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We’re excited to welcome you all to this community! Please take a minute to introduce yourself and share a bit about your business, how you use Pinterest and what you're looking forward to being a part of the community. We can't wait to meet you! 

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Hi everyone! I am really happy to be here! I love Pinterest, it's my favorite platform on which to create content and seek inspiration! My happy little world 🙂
I am Sharon, precisely Michela Sharon, I have been a creator on Pinterest since Pin Idea arrived in Italy. I got early access in March 2021, and haven't stopped creating on Pinterest since. My profile is my little world where I share delicious recipes, DIY scrubs, beauty tips and trips to relaxing places.
See you on Pinterest if you want! I'm curious to know what you think of my content.
Happy to be here, see you soon! Sharon

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Hi! I am Kathleen Aharonian. I am an embodiment coach and Breathwork Facilitator. I guide women to boost self love and bring their goals/desires to life. I currently host monthly manifestation full moon breathwork experiences and have two containers called "Vibe With Love," and "Bold Behavior." I currently use Pinterest to provide lots of free beneficial weekly content and to share my services. I'll be hosting my first live with Pinterest on September 27th which I am super excited about. I am currently building my own community through Pinterest if you're interested you can follow along @beboldwithkatah. I am looking forward to meeting like minded humans who are on the same path as me, building relationships and maybe collabing? 

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This is Muhammad Aquilur Rahman speaking. I am Engineer by profession but now a graphic design enthusiast. I design logos of all kinds, and awesome websites and I am an online solopreneur and affiliate marketer as well.

I am a great lover of Pinterest and have had 4 Nos. of Pinterest accounts. I am looking forward to grow my business through Pinterest by opening a shop but unfortunately can not do that as I am in Pakistan.

I have created numerous boards on Pinterest touching different niches. And I do love to collaborate and develop relationships with a genuine and honest businessman offering services here on this platform


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Hiiii I’m new but would like to create a useful content 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @2918vsaraa welcome to the PBC! Here are a few links which will help make the most of the PBC:

  • Getting Started - This is where you can find our Code of Conduct and instructions on how to build your community profile and respond to a topic/thread. 
  • Looking for Support? Check out our conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community! (Creator Conversations // Advertiser Conversations)
  • Check out our articles section for relevant resources including knowledge base articles and product information (Creator Articles // Advertiser Articles)
  • Stay up to date in our blog section! This is where we’ll share any relevant announcements or news. (Creator Blog // Advertiser Blog)
  • Introduce yourself! Join this thread to introduce yourself and start getting to know other community members.
  • Interested in attending live workshops and events? Make sure to check out our community events page and sign up for a virtual chapter to receive event announcements. (Business chapter //  Creator Chapter)

Let us know what specific questions you might have. I hope this helps you.

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Hello Community! My name is Lulu Trujillo and  I own a knitting small business, I make knit hats for women/mommy and baby! I hope to gain more engagement and increase performance on Pinterest using creator tools Pinterest offers! @rosemarypressknits

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Hi and thank you for the welcome 🙂 I´m a content creator from beautiful Munich in Germany ( specialist for photo/video editing) and i share tipps and tricks for content production. At the moment i work on online courses, so products will be available soon. I would love to learn how to use Pinterest for my business and to share content with my community. @weirdpixelskillz 

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Hey I'm @yaz_zmu, I post runway collections from over the years and recently due to Fashion Week have uploaded my highlights from NY and London. I'm excited to see shows from Milan and Paris in the next coming weeks. I also create moodboards ❤️

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Hi there  🌞

My name is Doro and I am a recently born Artist. I work mainly with Photography but I like to create any kind of visuals.

Currently i am testing my skills on creating P.O.D. Eco-Friendly T-Shirts and i found the Pinterest Mood very close to mine.

So I Am here to Learn and Share.

I am here to Shine

and help others do the same.

(Especially the younger generation of emerging Artists).

Thanks to All of You that contributes for a better (and more colorful) World. ✌️🍀🔥


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Hi Everyone, @open_heart_lines Here. We draw people portraits and join then through line in a very delicate and minimal style. We have a shop on etsy that was our main business. We got good traffic from idea pins on Pinterest but from last few weeks we are not that match working on it so here we started again. Being part of the community, We hope to gain relevant insight to improve engagement and performance on Pinterest since that has been going down recently 

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