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hello my community i hope so u all being good and well i m studying and I do enjoy it, most aspects of it. But in this final year there is a lot of hard work and a lot of reading, and I cannot say that I enjoy all of this reading. But what I really enjoy is working on case studies. What I mean is discussing cases. I like to exchange ideas with people.I want to have a career in online work, but I have to decide which area to specialize in first, and then maybe study for another four or five years. I hope to specialize in environmental law, which is the law that businesses have to abide by to ensure that their practices do not affect the environment.i hope u feeling good to know about me

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Hi @harmanejaam I am very glad to know about you. Welcome to the community! I also love case studies, did as a student and adjunct professor. Businesses in our community that are in consumer packaged goods have packaging challenges. Product packaging materials that satisfy environmental missions while maintaining what the consumer expects in handling and cost is what we´re trying to figure out. There is a case study for you! I look forward to connecting here. Let us know how we can help. Best, David

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i love it

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