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Hello I'm new here and looking brand myself and also my business any advise?

Just visiting

Again I'm new here looking to expand here on the platform if any one would like to help or has any advise please feel free to reach out. I'm open to all help!

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Loves to help

Hi Harmony 🙂 This is a big question. Do you have a logo and brand colors? A style that represents you? Let's start there.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @HarmonyKae welcome to PBC! I always advise those starting to build a brand (personal or business) to identify with what you stand for. Seems easy but is not necessarily. Start with listing your core values - you value many things but the core comes through when you see what values fit into a core bucket. From there you have terms that can help you think about mission (why you do what you do) and vision (result of you and your work). This base helps you with decisions, staying consistent and true to yourself and business, and how to market yourself. It´s a solid start, good luck! David 

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