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Hello everyone

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

What a wonderful place to be heard & find creators of all back ground & interest. I am Lauren ( she/her) love the outdoors, animals, cooking, writing, gardening, & shopping. I have more interests but I will introduce you to all with my contributions as pins. Can’t wait to learn more about this wonderful program🙌

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi Lauren 👋

Welcome to the PBC!

We are glad your here, you will really love the community.


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I’m loving your positivity and intro, @mulberrycolors . Welcome to this community, which is packed with super insightful contributors like @bodymindmood .

I can’t wait to know more about what you do!

Isabel Talens
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أنا جديد هنا أحاول أن أتعرف واتعلم

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