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Just visiting

Hello! I’m new to the business community here on Pinterest. Does anyone have any pointers? 😄

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Loves to help

@GKOmorfia Hello welcome to the PBC, happy to see you here. I took a look at your Pinterest page, and I love it.You are now apart of an amazing community with other amazing business owners/creators like yourself. 

The best pointers start with you! Stay self motivated, stay learning, and growing your business. Never be afraid to network with others to get and keep consistent traffic for your business.Set yourself up with a regular posting time that’s best for you and your business.Use Pinterest tools/resources and stay connected to the PBC forums for updates and features that will help you be successful on Pinterest and your business.

Use this link as a check list to make sure your Pinterest page is set up correctly to help you keep growing on Pinterest. 

@Toitimeblog Tag you to share your pointers because your Pinterest page is one of my favorites and I love your business mindset.



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