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Addressing Pinterest traffic drops and impressions

Community Manager
Community Manager
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@PinterestJanice and I wanted to address the issues reported in the Business Community regarding drops in impressions and traffic to your Pins.

We know that this is a very frustrating thing to experience after putting time and effort into making your content discoverable to Pinners around the world. Like other organic distribution platforms, Pinterest sees natural ebbs and flows with content distribution which results in variations in impression volume and viewership. 

We know you’ve heard this in ticket responses from our team, but we wanted to add a little more color to this response. Oftentimes, fluctuations can result from changes in seasonality, related interests for content, format type, engagement rates, or updates that Pinterest makes to our system to better deliver valuable ideas to Pinners. So, just like our users' interests evolve, we can expect the distribution of content to see natural ups and downs as well. 

We encourage creators to continue to post original, fresh Pins to see what resonates with their audience on Pinterest. This is true whether you publish content through Pinterest directly or through a third party scheduling tool.

What are original, fresh Pins? The following resources are available if you want to ensure you are following Pin best practices.

  • Pinterest Academy: self-paced courses to help you understand how to grow your business on Pinterest 
  • Business blog: read up on the latest with our platform and products
  • Creators site: check out our all-new page dedicated to creators on Pinterest 
  • Pinterest Trends: discover what Pinners are searching for and when

If you have specific questions or concerns about your account and traffic fluctuations, please file a ticket with our support team and they'll be able to assist you. This link routes directly to our team who deals specifically with these types of requests. 

Thank you all for being a part of our community and bringing issues like this to our attention. We are advocating for you and, while it may take time, will always do our best to share an official Pinterest stance on these topics as they arise.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@sunshineandrainblog -- Hey Emma, welcome to the community! I was able to do a quick search and located your ticket, it looks like someone from our support team reached out earlier today with more information. 

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Tried to answer back about this but it took me to an error.  It never ends.  I still did not get help and did everything you suggested and then some and I always have.  No help.


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Hey guys,


 I love this proactive way of taking care 

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Dear Pinterest,

THEN.pngNOW.pngI truly appreciate this community. 

The big issue by me and many others is probably the AI of the platform. In my case, my engagement dropped in a span of 4 hours form 75K impressions to zero. This is the story for the past 4 days.

It can't be blamed on seasonality. I was was expecting a 30% drop due to the summer holidays. My engagement has dipped already since July, but it's understandable.

But to dip down to ZERO over a span of 4 hours and till now, i have not recovered. This means that the system hid all my pins.

I've tirelessly been connecting with your team but your team confirmed that my account is not flagged. But what other explanation could there be? Hope you can help enlighten me. Truly will be grateful for help.

I create only fresh pins daily. 25 daily.

I don't repin.

I really hope we can resolve this problem. It's killing the small business.

We do love the platform and we do also add value by creating engaging pins daily. We just hope our efforts don't get wasted. It takes a lot of time, energy, and paid subscriptions to photos and services in order to make this possible.


Many thanks and please keep safe and healthy!



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The same is happening to me, and it's been a while! I was growing up, up to 5 milion views per month, and then a drop to something like 2 million views. After a while I could grow up again with the help of Pinterest Brazil, but whitout their help, I am starting to fall again. This is so frustrating! I try to open several calls for help, but I only received automatic responses or saying that they are verifying, but never solving my problem. 😢

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Same thing happen to us too!!!

From over 30K we are now dropping to 5.5K in a few weeks, starting from 15th of August.

We sent a request to your staff but only responded with automatic unhelpful response. 

This is so frustrating, We would really like to know what has caused this and how to fix this please?




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Hi Gabby, I got a response from my support ticket, but it was generic. I got a traffic drop two weeks ago, then my traffic went back to normal. Then again this week my traffic dropped again. I have never seen this before! I create fresh pins daily and I usually get a traffic spike from Pinterest at this time of the year, very discouraged. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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I wonder if there is anyone who is experiencing the opposite and has a great increase in impressions.

Maybe if we can determine who is having success and what makes their profile different or their pinning strategy different, we can try to figure out what makes an account successful.


I’ve always pinned for myself and not my audience. They seem to come to me and I grew without really even trying. I pin a lot and different subject matter that interests me. If I like it, I pin it. I consider them inspiration and ideas to save for later. But I realize this isn’t going to work with every Business account, especially if you’re looking for your niche audience. Mine started off as a personal account and then I made a blog. By then, I already had a bit of a following.


When I joined this forum a few weeks ago I was at 4 million, now I’m past 7 mil. No complaints here of course! This is just the experience of someone who has had success with the current algorithm.

(Also, everyone put your Pinterest link in your profile, so we can follow each other! We can re-pin your stuff and it may get views! 😀)

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@imfierceafter40 @PinterestGabby @jeswes

First off, I am not tracking my numbers closely.  My average has been maybe 10-15 repins daily (usually from the cats board), over the past couple of months my analytic averages were going up a few % points. I post when I see something, I post my Zazzle products a few times a week, and a personal blog post once/twice a month. Then suddenly around August 27,  I created a blog post pin and received 1.5k impressions in 24 hours! Most repins on any of my pins ever!  I also noticed I was getting around 100 repins every day for a couple of weeks around the same time.  Then it went to zero! I just ran the numbers for July 22-Aug 23 -- first row -- and Aug 22 to Aug 23 -- second row.  No pins (not even cats) this week?) While I understand the audience is fickle -- this seems a bit of a big change.  

July 22 Pinterest.JPG

Aug23 Pinterest.JPG

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@PinterestGabby We have had a significant drop in our analytics and while we appreciate every second person trying to explain how the platform works - it's quite condescending. We have had multiple pins stolen and redirected to spam sites over the last few weeks and it's having a huge effect on our account. Furthermore - we have noticed a traffic difference of between 400 - 700% when we schedule through Pinterest as opposed to Tailwind. Our pins scheduled through Tailwind barely reach 10 people while our Pinterest scheduled pins are reaching 400, 800 up to 2000 people within the first day. We have opened tickets with both Tailwind and Pinterest to investigate - as well as sent proof to both of the finding but had no answers. We have decided to put all our ad spend on hold until our confidence in the platform improves. Ticket number 230292. 

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