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The difference between Business chat and Creator chat

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Hope everyone is enjoying is having a nice, restful weekend. 🙂 I've spent mine baking and riding my new bike through the city 🚲@foodiehomechef asked a great question the other day and we thought it'd actually be helpful to highlight here incase anyone else may be curious. 

What's the difference between Business chat and Creator chat? 

The main difference between business and creator chat is how you're using Pinterest. Here are a couple of examples to help give you an idea of the two spaces.

Example 1 -  You work for a business as a marketing manager, or you're a one-person shop and handle all your social media and advertising yourself. You're actively using your Pinterest business account to grow your business on Pinterest through paid advertising and want to use all the tools available to you to optimize your budget. This use case might align more with the support and conversations provided in Business chat

Example 2 - In this one maybe you are a blogger or food writer. You might use Pinterest to share recipes you've created or the blog you wrote on reducing single-use plastics. You create rich, inspirational content for Pinners. You are actively using your Pinterest business account to build your brand through organic promotion and want to make sure your pins are the first to be surfaced. This use case might find the conversations in Creator chat helpful. 

Either way (or even if you consider yourself both!) you're more than welcome to participate in all conversations that pique your interest. 📈

Hope this helps and as always, feel free to share any feedback or thoughts in the comments! 

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Thanks so much for explaining that in detail @PinterestGabby !

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