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Issue Updating Rich Pins

New member

Hi I need to update some RICH PIN product prices in our catalog.

I thought they would be updated automatically, but that is not happening. I read a question from someone asking about how to make an edit on her recipe rich pin - she was having the same issue, of correcting a word, but the rich pin was not updating to that new word.

Here is the answer she received: "Checking the URL in the Rich Pins Validator and rescraping usually updates Pinterest's cached data for that link, including rich data like recipe details". If I do that, will my product prices be updated in my catalog?

Thank you!

Deborah, co-founder of ZENly Design

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New member


I have the same problem but with images not updating.  I had already tried the advice above but it made no difference.  It's really bugging me as I have researched all over and also long awaiting a reply from Pinterest.

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