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Anything you wished you knew when you first started your account?

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I'm a new creator here on Pinterest and I'm extremely excited to join this community. I heard that Pinterest is notorious for taking a long time to see results in website traffic or etc. I wondered what mistakes did you make during the duration of time before you see results? Is there anything you wished you knew when you first started your account? Thank you for sharing your response! I hope my question helps other new content creators like me!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @gloriasdesigns and welcome to PBC! That is a remarkable set of questions. 

Pinterest does take longer to generate traffic to a website for the same reasons a well managed blog would take time for consistent Google results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The good news is well optimized content (good photos/vids, alt text, description, title) that starts working can continue to work. When you are at it long enough, old pins from styles of yesteryear re-appear. On Pinterest, this helps me see trends first. 

My early mistakes and what I wish I knew are the same answer. Driving traffic to marketplaces instead of our site exclusively. It´s weird because Pinterest gets credit for our early success on marketplaces so this might be confusing for some. There are more lessons learned for sure, but this one comes to the top because of the fixing/audit of our Pinterest strategy. 

Hope that help. Look forward to your contributions! David 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @gloriasdesigns - Welcome, and like @ideachicretail said, these are fantastic questions!

I'm happy to offer my two-cents as well - 

David is spot on about how it's all about SEO, which takes time to build, so it's important to maintain consistency in your activity on Pinterest.  It doesn't have to be a lot, but whatever is manageable for you.  I like using a scheduler (like Tailwind) to publish pins to Pinterest at an interval.  

For better reach and engagement, leverage tools like Idea Pins and too!

Good luck and happy to have you here in the PBC!

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