Why do stolen pins rank higher than originals in "more like this"?

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I happened to click on the video tab in analytics today and clicked on several videos individually. Then I scrolled down to the "more like this" section. For nearly every video of mine I clicked, in the more like this section, instead of additional videos by me, I see 2-3 stolen pins at the top. The stolen pins are screen shot of my videos with the play icon (so it looks like a video) but it's really just a pin and they point to a spam URL.

Here's an example of one of my video pins.  Underneath in the more like section all the video pins were created by me and they all say "dystopian apocalyptic fantasy" but what Pinterest displays is a screen shot of stolen videos and not my videos. In this case someone named STAR CITIZEN  is the spammer and they point to that person's YouTube channel.


I filed the necessary DCMA report (Pinterest Copyright Request ID #1593844556) I'd like to know what Pinterest is doing about this. Because every time I report a DCMA my own stuff gets caught up in the takedown and my impressions for the original videos or pins tank. 

Additionally, a lot of times the stolen pins are all that is left of the original pin. I delete old pins as my skill as author and artist improves.

1. How do I ensure that when I delete a pin it is removed from every board everywhere forever? 

2. Why doesn't Pinterest ban spammers/stealers for life? 

3. Why does stolen content consistently rank higher than the original content in "more like this"?

4. Does Pinterest report spammer/stealers to other platforms?





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