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What Pinners are searching for this week (week of 1/29)

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Pinners have big plans for the big game. This week, we’ve rounded up searches for game day prep on Pinterest. People are getting creative with their watch party snacks (2x increase in "white chicken chili recipe" and 130% increase in "grilled cheese sandwich") and creating the ultimate setup for screening the game (2.5x increase in "small movie room ideas" and 2x increase in "linear fireplace with tv above"). Pinners are also taking a new approach to tailgating with homemade wintery cocktail recipes (2x increase in "best bourbon whiskey"). And the gamers who plan to do more playing than watching? They’re discovering ways to get comfortable in their gaming nooks (4x increase in "pc setup").

Pinterest-driven conversions are up in various categories including snack foods, sofas and laptops (100% increase in checkouts for snack foods, 15% increase in checkouts for sofas, 60% increase in checkouts for laptops).

Sorry for the late share this week PBC family!

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Awesome but what does this matter if we cant ranknfor these terms if we create content around them in less tham a month? It is my understanding that pinterest is taking up to 2 months to index normal pins and up to 2 weeks for video pins.

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