What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 12/2)

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Happy Friday, PBC!

We're back with the last Pinner trends for 2022! This week we’ve collected insights around the theme A new year is comingWith the new year approaching, Pinners are gearing up for the cold temperatures and warm, cozy vibes. Check out the report below to learn more!

Top stats

  • 6x increase in "company christmas party outfit"
  • 170% increase in "makeup ideas y2k"
  • 4x increase in "brie bites puff pastry"
  • 80% increase in "skincare products"
  • 8x increase in "december aesthetic cozy"
  • 155% increase in "hot cocoa bombshell recipe"
  • 110% increase in "healthy girl lifestyle aesthetic"
  • 6x increase in "kwanzaa crafts for kids"

➡️ ➡️ To see the full trends report, go here!  ⬅️ ⬅️

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As always thank you for sharing this great information it is so helpful.

As a Trainer, I am sharing a link to a reel that I did on IG that I think would be super helpful for all those who are attending Christmas Parties + Get Togethers. I know this wasn't on the list but I think it's valuable info.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Parties & Get Togethers 




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Thank you @PinterestJoan ! It's appreciated that you post these trends!

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Loves to help

Oh great list! Thank you for sharing. I'll def. be doing an idea pin for "healthy girl lifestyle aesthetic." Having this list is super helpful. 

Kathleen Aharonian - Embodiment Coach linktree.com/beboldwithkatah
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Hi I’m new here, this was great to see. I’m so excited maybe to excited. I was just going to film a skincare video for my YouTube channel and now I can post here as well and that is posting hoping something will happen. I actually have insight that skin care products/routine is  trending right now. This is totally awesome.

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YAY!!!! Love these so much!  I love sharing this information because it helps to get far greater reach knowing what's trending! Thank you @PinterestJoan  

Jen Vazquez. | Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Educator
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