What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 11/30)

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Hi PBC! If 2020 has taught us anything, it is gratitude. We mourn the people and things we lost this year, and we reflect with gratitude on all that we still have. Thanksgiving is behind us, but our persistent thankfulness reminds us there is still much to celebrate, including the new year ahead!

Parties might look a little different this year, but they’re happening. And Pinners are not phoning it in when it comes to decor, outfits, and glam. These trends will be reflected in the New Year’s Eve parties later this month. This week, we’ve rounded up the trending searches across “Celebrating the new year” on Pinterest. Pinners are planning an extravagant party to close out 2020 and usher in 2021, whether it be virtual, in-person, or some combination of both. We’ve seen a significant uptick in searches around outdoor parties this year (~6x increase in "backyard bonfire party") and have been delighted to see an increased commitment to getting dressed up for the festivities (7x increase in "african dress designs”; 175% increase in "sequin party dress")

We have also included a pulse on Christmas party-related searches to support you with your holiday campaign strategy.

Next week will be the LAST weekly digest for 2020, can you believe it?! Happy holidays, friends. 🙂

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I read "Next week will be the LAST weekly digest" and thought, no, please don't stop sharing these. Ha. Helps to read the entire sentence. I share this so you know - I really appreciate this!!!!!

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I am new here but I have to say I LOVE this little recap! I will be sure to come check out every week. 


And even though I know it's a coincidence, that 16x increase on Plaid Christmas Decor kinda made my day 😘

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this is really super cool! it's always neat to see how the world is beating the same drum when it comes to special events like the holidays and New Years. the best part is that even through the tough times we are all encountering in 2020, we are not giving up!

@PinterestJanice, I was wondering if there was any insights or summaries for Canadians? I am sure they would be very similar as we are close neighbours 🙂

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So glad this is such a popular post!! @basiacanhelp actually, we do! Good feedback and something for us to consider for sharing these insights going forward. Janice and I will discuss how we can share insights for different markets going forwar🙂 

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thank you for your response @PinterestGabby ! it's exciting to know you make a stats summary for other countries!

where would one be able to find or subscribe to such information? 


thank you kindly in advance for your help and support! 



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