What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 10/5)

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Hi PBC! Hope everyone has had a great week and those of you who observe the holiday on Monday enjoy your long weekend! Here are the week's insights.

With the switch to virtual learning and remote work, Pinners are exploring new locations and home renovations. This week, we’ve rounded up the trending searches across home and moving categories for this period. Whether planning a move to the South (2x increase in "moving to nashville tennessee") or the other side of the world (134% increase in "moving to ireland from america"), people are turning to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration to assist with this transitional time. The types of search vary based on age group, with 18 - 24 year olds looking to move into their own space for the first time, (105% increase in "first apartment ideas"), 25 - 34 year olds searching for how to celebrate buying their first house (93% increase in "homeowner announcement"), 35 - 44 year olds giving their homes a refreshing update (6x increase in "meditation room decor") and 45+ year olds making plans to design their dream home (3x increase in "mountain house plans").

In this week’s round-up, we have also included a pulse on holiday searches to assist you with your holiday campaign strategy.

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Loves to help

Thank you for these insights. They are helpful in planning campaigns.

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