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Tuesday Tips 📌 Pioneer Tips

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Community Manager
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Hi PBC! We’re back with this week’s Tuesday Tips. Today, we’re spotlighting some tips & tricks from our Pinterest Pioneers! Our Pioneers are business owners and creators (like you!) who are here to help share their product knowledge, best practices, and answer questions you may have within the community. Check out their latest posts for recommendations and best practices from the experts themselves!


A huge shout out to our Pioneers @thehalcyonhive, @andrealidesigns, @ideachicretail, @alisammeredith, @AmericanoCrystals, and @simplepinmedia for contributing and providing us with their tips & tricks! To learn more about the Pioneer Program, check out our announcement post here.

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Loves to help

@PinterestJoan  Love all these tips!

Laura Kaminer || Confident Living
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks @PinterestJoan !

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Just visiting

Super helpful. Thank you, Pioneers! ❤️

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Posts regularly

@PinterestJoan  thank you for sharing. Just loved it ❤️

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@thehalcyonhive @andrealidesigns @ideachicretail @alisammeredith @AmericanoCrystals @simplepinmedia 

Nicely Done and Shared!


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @PinterestJoan 🤓📌 Love this newest addition of resources to help other users get the most out of Pinterest! 

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