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Tips for New Businesses

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Hi everyone,


    My name is Cameron Wayne, and I am the owner of K-9ightLights L.L.C., where we sell the best, most unique, and brightest LED dog collars and leashes to pet owners throughout the United States!  This is my first time on Pinterest, and I am trying to see what tips you all might have for me to get my new brand out to the public eye and in front of dog owners all throughout the USA.  Any help with this would be appreciated more than you know.  I understand that marketing a new business can be a daunting and difficult task as a start-up, but I am 100% confident that we have some absolutely amazing and great quality products that are sure to help millions of pet owners.  I would love to hear anybody's ideas on the subject and look forward to your responses.  Hope everyone is having a great 2023 so far.  Much love from NC.

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@k9ightlights Hi Cameron and welcome to PBC!

Pinterest is a visual platform, so developing helpful, beautiful, actionable content is the single biggest thing you can do to drive traffic and engagement to your profile.

See below for a few tips to get you started, and be sure to check out our thread on creative best practices to hear from other creators in the community. 

📌 You can find more information on how to target your audience in this article. 

📌 I also suggest you read our article focused on the 5 main tips on how to grow your audience with your content on Pinterest. 

📌 Now, if you are looking to understand how the Pin's distribution works, and what you can do to improve your performance on our platform, I suggest you read this one here

Besides all these subjects to help you in these first steps, you can also check our Help Center, there, you'll find various articles about many topics inside Pinterest. You can count on the PBC to clarify your doubts, ask questions about the platform, and share your experiences with the other creators. 

Give us a shout if you have any questions! 😊 

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