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I have been pinning on Pinterest but just started adding my own pins with and today I find that the link is not there: 

1.  Am I not able to us for my pins 

2.  I had two different names which I thought was ok but now I'm thinking it may not be so I removed one name.   I noticed that other pinners had different names--did something change? 

3.  Is there a live person somewhere in Pinterest that I can talk to? 

Thank you 

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Hey @dulcesplace 

Instead of using, I would recommend creating a links page on your claimed website domain.  That way you can track the data and you are bringing traffic to your own website vs a third-party website first.

For example, I created this for my Pinterest bio URL:

However, when I'm creating pins, I always link directly to the post or product that I show on the pin.  On idea pins though, I will add a call to action for them to click the link in my bio to find what they are looking for. 

I'm not sure what you mean by pinners having different names? Are you talking about Pinterest account names?



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