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So I created a new account on Pinterest with my boyfriend. So after creating 3 pins, yesterday, my boyfriend calls me panicking that he has just received an email that our Pinterest account has been suspended.

So I ask him, what exactly he did, and he says he only followed 15 accounts, I hurry back to find out what happened. So I check out the email and click where they say contact us and I send out a ticket.

Literally, in 30 minutes Pinterest reinstates the account.

About two hours later, me and my boyfriend, having done literally nothing on the account, Pinterest sends another email saying they have suspended the account. 

I don't know if following people on Pinterest is against Pinterest's policy. And as of that, 15 people. I have checked the community guidelines and I haven't seen anywhere where they say you can't follow accounts. I have tried to email them from that time without any luck. 

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