It will be that one day Pinterest will give a SOLUTION about the lost followers on July 1st 2021

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Since July 1st when Pinterest had the glitch, the bug or whatever it was I am waiting with patience for a real answer, a solution and how you will correct the error and the consequences on my account @acolorfuldayp 

I lost almost my entire list of followers and now this is affecting all my analytics.  A

Every time I write to Pinterest help desk you use the same answer (copy paste).  We don´t have any solution yet bla bla bla.

I don´t feel any trust about this platform anymore,  I can´t recommend anyone a platform who is not accountable and does not amend its mistakes.

I still waiting a reasonable answer.   I can´t believe you don´t have the ability to handle this issue with greater respect and seriousness by those of us who have helped for years to grow your platform.

@Anonymous @PinterestGabby 

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