Have you managed to monetize your Pinterest?

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Looking to spend a LOT of time building up my Pinterest and was just wondering if anyone has successfully managed to monetize their Pinterest with potential outside business interaction of some form.

Did a business approach you? How did it work and most importantly, how did you keep it within the Pinterest T's & C's.

Thank You!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello! It's been a while since you first posted this. How is it going?

In case you're still looking for input, yes, I have monetized Pinterest. Specifically, I have found it works well as part of a broader content strategy. When you share useful content, people tend to follow and engage, and sometimes they visit your site, join your email list, etc. You'll likely see them come in that way rather than them picking up the phone after viewing your profile. Though with you, I can see that possibly happening.

How do you monetize your business? Care to share your profile link?

Do you have specific concerns about T&C? As long as you are genuinely helpful and honest, thinking about the experience and needs of Pinners, you should be OK. 

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