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Again Wrongly Flagged As Low Quality (3rd time)

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My message somehow disappeared, so I'm posting this again:

Hi there, 

My URL has been flagged as low quality yet again, just about 10 days after Pinterest solved this issue last time. My traffic and impressions haven't even completely recovered since I got my pins back up in search and this is happening again. For the third time since April.

My pins are nowhere to be found in Public search, instead the pins that were stolen from me and redirected to various spam websites come up at the top for all the keywords my blog usually ranks for. Somehow these dangerous websites seem to be higher quality than blogs with original content. The good news is that the first time this happened I didn't know what to do to fix it, so I decided to "clean" most of that spam that was ranking high, so now it's not all over Pinterest.

This whole thing has been very frustrating and is ruining my experience with Pinterest (which has been great for 3+ years!). This situation is also having a huge negative impact on my income, my blog's reputation (as my pins keep disappearing and it seems as if I'm leading people to dangerous websites with my pins). My Pinterest profile can't recover either - it went from 9m to almost 4m monthly views the first time...Now after a few weeks of being "back in the game" I'm slowly climbing back up to 6m. Are the actual spam profiles that we report going to ever be deleted?

I know this issue has been affecting many bloggers last month, is anyone else here affected by this now?

I wonder what is so unfixable about a bug that's flagging good URLs as low quality...Isn't there a way to whitelist the good URLs for good? 

Is this going to happen with every Pinterest update from now on? If so, what can we do about it?

I know the Pinterest team is doing the best they can, but when this happens it usually takes at least 7-10 days to get the account back in search again...and then another 7-10 days to get back to normal impressions and then it's happening's crazy. I've already contacted Pinterest support, but is there anyone else I could contact, so that my site can be safe listed faster!

@PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice 

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I've said this like ten times now (on other posts) but I work twice as hard for half the impressions compared to last year and I pin almost all originals. My URL hasn't been blocked but it was suddenly unverified for several days. My most popular pins and ones that looked like them get very low impressions now. Reporting spam just seems to kill my best pins. My only solution has been to change the look of new pins that look like the ones I've reported. If you batch create like I do, it causes a lot of extra work changing the appearance of pins you have lined up months in advance.. I've been told the impression thing will be fixed in 8 weeks and it's a rare occurrence. But it seems like everyone on this board is talking about it. I'm assuming they'll be some big update in August. But I'm already implementing my exit strategy from Pinterest to another site in case their fix fails.

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@theburntsunsetnovel I know, my impressions are nowhere near what they used to be a year ago. I used to get 200 repins within a day no matter what I pinned, now I feel lucky if my pin reaches 1k impressions. This didn't bother me as much, because there would still be the one or the other pin that would go viral every now and then, but since I started getting flagged consistently, I can't seem to catch a break...New pins are not promoted and on top my old pins are blocked too, it's pretty horrible. Hope the update works, if not I will also be focusing on another platform, it's only frustrating at this point.

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Community Manager

Hey @beautybitesorg, I hear you and absolutely understand your frustration. Thanks for raising this and sharing feedback about your experience in the community. While the Business Community is not a staffed support channel, we can certainly provide the right resources/links for you to get help. Try filing a ticket here, this routes to the correct team who can help address these issues with your analytics. Hope this helps, and thanks again for coming to the community. 

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