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why these featured product groups did not appear at my SHOP tab

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I want to know why these featured product groups did not appear at my SHOP tab. And I have already deleted the ALL PRODUCTS groups. Why are they still here?

This problem almost drives me crazy! Please help!


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Loves to help

I ran into this same problem before.  There could be two reasons: 

1. If there are duplicate product images within other product groups or items out of stock.  If you have less than 10 items after that, the group won't show up 

2. *more likely your issue*  There is a glitch and you'll have to reach out to Pinterest support to get it fixed.

This happened to me before and it was a glitch.  Pinterest was eventually able to get it fixed so it's worth reaching out!  

Sounds like this might be an issue on Pinterest's side.  I've heard a few different people are having this same problem.  If you haven't yet, try reaching out to Pinterest support. Hope this gets resolved soon!

Good luck!



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