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What pins are getting click throughs?

New member

Hi all,

Sara, here from @thefrayedapron food blog.

I’ve been seeing very little clicks and engagement for photos compared to just 2 months ago. All my traffic is coming from video 

Since the algorithm update, what’s working? Can someone break it down for me?


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Loves to help

@thefrayedapron Hi sara,

Are you just pinning photos itself?


In general a good pin:
- has a 2:3 ratio (like 600x900 pixels)
- Big text overlay that makes curious
- Uses keywords in description and title

Consistency and fresh pins are very important.

Did you change anything compared to the two months?

It never hurts to try different colors and pin designs to see what your audience responds too 🙂 Look at your statistics what pins performed best and try to recreate those pins with new images/Text 🙂

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