Verified Merchant Program Rejection (again)

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I was previously rejected with a vague "doesn't meet guidelines" reason. 
I changed nothing. Reapplied. 

Now the rejection reason is
"Account does not meet the brand reputation criteria for verification"

The email I received outlines brand requirements. I currently meet all of them, however my brand name included in the email is an old one that I changed earlier this summer. I removed a word from the end of my brand name.  I have no idea why they're using the old name or where it would show up, as its not on any of my accounts. 

I submitted a ticket, but based on communications here and a prior ticket, appeals are not a thing, so I don't expect to hear back with anything other than sorry re-apply in a month. 

I would love to use this feature. I don't understand what the hang up is or why the approval issues. 

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Hi @yournnonce 

The exact thing has happened to me. When Pinterest sends my "rejected" email, it's addressed to poppiwinkle paper products: which I probably had as a pinterest name long ago. But I have changed everything to poppiwinkle in my current pinterest account. Then I am rejected because my name (the old name they are still using) doesn't match my social media accounts.  


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Thanks for your support. I revised the list of policies and have a question.
I have a claimed website and Etsy store. Also some products into another platform.
It infringes "Merchants must not be resale or consignment marketplaces"?
Thanks in advance.

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Well Brad, that sounds like a pre-written canned response. Clearly there's a problem and your customers are reaching out to you for guidance. Saying that you know it's frustrating doesn't help. Perhaps offer "Tips" to troubleshooting your rejection for VMA would be a better way to handle a customer service inquiry. After reading your response, it makes me not care about Pinterest. I can't possibly fix something if I don't know what to fix. That's garbage.

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@PinterestBrad thanks for the reply, but it really is not an "Accepted Solution" to say you don't have "any concrete future process updates or timelines."  I'm working with a Pinterest representative and he said that I was rejected for not having a separate Shipping Policy" identified on my website.  I have a banner across the top saying "Free Shipping on all orders" and in the footer in a separate link.  Yet, the rejection reason now is "Account does not meet the brand reputation criteria for verification" and to come back on January 3, 2021  - AFTER THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

How is this an "accepted solution" and how is PinterestScreen Shot 2020-12-05 at 9.43.37 AM.png helping small business??????



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I just stumbled onto this as "go to the pinterest community" was the only response I received to two emails asking for a human. Bots bots bots and more bots, great customer service!

I was rejected also, I am known as 1000 Woodcuts everywhere and am a registered business with that name. Website by that name, Facebook (where I am a verified merchant), Twitter, Instagram, Google Merchant, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Ebay, and Microsoft Merchant. Same name, post daily on all my social media, did I mention youTube? same name. Verified everywhere except Pinterest, humorous.

Waste of time, I'm not putting up anymore Pinterest ads until I get an a human. Ridiculous. (I'm sure this post won't help my case LOL)

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A year later I am now being told "our overall business is around second-hand products, you don't qualify for the verified merchant program. "

But yet I don't break guidlines because I'm not a resale marketplace, and there are brands like thredup who also deal in secondhand who are verified merchants. 


Any insight or help here?

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Same thing is happening to us.  Out tag is in good "health", our content is always up to date and fresh.  Our ads are performing amazingly well.  Can't find a single thing wrong with our account, and yet they always just give a vague list of reasons as to why we got denied.  It is so frustrating.  Especially with the amount of money we spend on ads every month.  Please let me know if you figure out how to resolve this, or at least get in touch with someone who will give a real reason for rejection.

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I had this same issue. My account was rejected because it says "does not meet the brand reputation criteria for verification". I have carefully gone through all of the criteria, and I meet all of them.
The only reason that I can see that could be an issue is that my pinterest username is "1blushingbride" rather than my business name "one blushing bride". I am not able to change my pinterest username to "one blushing bride" as this name was already taken. Would this cause my application to be rejected?
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Hi there 👋

@PinterestBrad @PinterestGabby 

I hope everyone is doing well getting close to the holidays. 

I have been reading this thread and I decided to read more about the VMP on Pinterest and so to be clear I Blog and Consult and I do not sell products on Pinterest.

I definitely can hear and see the frustration that people have and I feel for those who have difficulty especially when its down to making money and getting everything running perfectly for your business.

I visited some sites and I must say they are really great! However, they are lacking in one thing really good website policies. I saw a lot of sites that either have no policies at all or the policies are not visible and when I did finally get to the policies often they were so vague that I had a hard time understanding them. Try not to skimp on this part its really important to protect yourself and your customers in addition to third-parties and others. 

Some of the comments on this thread are really out of frustration and I totally get that but I really believe that it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that there is transparency and proper website policies in place and from what I saw that it isn't the case. I don't think that getting upset with someone really actually resolves anything - the managers here on the Business Community I believe legitimately do there their very best to try and help us and I think dumping on them makes no sense they cannot say this but I can and I think everyone needs to slow down, READ THE GUIDELINES, research other online companies and see how their website policies are presented, and then make the changes to your sites and reapply and keep doing it until you get it right.

I sincerely hope that your businesses are successful but I would ask that you approach the issues in a calm and kind way.


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Completely agree. I have the same issue and response and meet all necessary requirements. This is extremely frustrating and wrong.

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