Verified Merchant Program Rejection (again)

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I was previously rejected with a vague "doesn't meet guidelines" reason. 
I changed nothing. Reapplied. 

Now the rejection reason is
"Account does not meet the brand reputation criteria for verification"

The email I received outlines brand requirements. I currently meet all of them, however my brand name included in the email is an old one that I changed earlier this summer. I removed a word from the end of my brand name.  I have no idea why they're using the old name or where it would show up, as its not on any of my accounts. 

I submitted a ticket, but based on communications here and a prior ticket, appeals are not a thing, so I don't expect to hear back with anything other than sorry re-apply in a month. 

I would love to use this feature. I don't understand what the hang up is or why the approval issues. 

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Hi @PinterestBrad @PinterestGabby 

Newbie here.  Can you help me out.  I can't figure out what they want. 

My business Pinterest page is new.  Is this a problem?  Is there a time line in which I should have a Pinterest page before I become a verified shop?

I see a shop.. does that mean my shop is set up?  I also can promote.  However, I did get a disapproval for a VMP saying.

In response to their requirements:

My images are clear 

My website is in English

I have no pop up messages

No product is on sale

There is a shipping charge for everything... but they have to put it in the cart to calculate it. 

My email address is,

I don't have sell seasonal items. 

I only ship to the US.    

My items are listed by the 7 postal zones, because of the shipping cost variances... $17 vs. $75.  My product ships in 2 boxes and Shopify does not offer calculated shipping for multiple boxes, so each listing has it own shipping cost. 

 Is an About Us page required?  I don't have one.  Would this be a reason to disapprove my shop. 

Any insight you can give me is much appreciated.  





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yep its always very vague. I just got denied twice too. I'm not even bothering with the 3rd appeal. They are just gonna deny it anyhow. They never tell you the problem to fix it. Typical garbage corporation standards that they think everything and every situation is the same so time to find some other route to promote. and to highlight if you think Pinterest cares about you, lol good luck. no corp. cares once they get so big, they always f the people that made them big.

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Have you tried to apply as a brand? Please do and see the frustrations we are facing. This is the third, maybe fourth time I've applied, and been rejected, each time with a different reason, each time NONE of the reasons given hold true. This is amply time for your VMP team to resolve "less than preferred experience for many clients that are trying to navigate the VMP approval process. The teams are hard at work on trying to improve messaging in the emails and the overall application process". The latest reasons are below:

• Business name and social media name must be consistent
• Social media posts must not be predominantly memes or quotes
• Social media accounts must have new content posted within the last 30 days
• Merchant must have a Pinterest account older than 3 months
• Merchant domain must match domain listed on merchant's account

We meet all the above listed criteria.

It appears that Pinterest is actively working against small businesses with this program and continues to support large brands. Not cool Pinterest. Get it together and support the small businesses that support you.


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What she said!

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Same here! both times we have been rejected for different reasons

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I'm thinking there's nothing to do but wait for them to catch up with themselves & fix their issues.  I have sent several emails requesting assistance. They were ignored. I will keep in mind the issues that I have been able to fix & not repeat those mistakes. But I am not going to spend a lot of time & thought on getting verified at this point. I suspect at some point it will be easier. I'll try again then.

Best of luck to everyone! Let us know if anyone DOES have success.

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"It appears that Pinterest is actively working against small businesses with this program and continues to support large brands. Not cool Pinterest. Get it together and support the small businesses that support you."

Exactly this. I guess since we're not multi-million dollar companies, they think we don't matter.

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I want to echo what others have said.  It is extremely disappointing that Pinterest invites businesses to apply and rejects them citing criteria not contained in any documentation about the program.

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I am so glad I found this thread and I'm not alone. I was rejected in August for merchant guidelines issues and I could see that I had a couple of items that were out of stock on my website (I sell fine jewelry) So I removed them from my site and I also removed all of my old Pinterest pins from pieces that are no longer in my collection. This took quite awhile. I just reapplied and literally one hour later I get the notification "Account does not meet the brand reputation criteria for verification" Excuse me but my brand reputation is just fine! I am also sick of seeing the word "Rejected" on my business hub everytime I look at it. 

Very disappointed in Pinterest and I'm beginning to not care about being a "Verified Merchant" since it's all so vague and annoying. Also I'm seeing that their stats are all over the place in analytics. 

Thanks for letting me rant!

Jane Bartel Jewelry

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Hi Brad, 
I've found myself in an unsolvable situation. 
My rejection reason is for brand requirements. Pinterest is using an old brand name for the VMP verification process "YournNonce Vintage" and it is being rejected for not matching my website or social media. (which is now YournNonce.) 
I updated my brand this year and have applied multiple times and gotten this rejection reason twice. 
I've gone through and double checked all my social media, website and pinterest. All of my account details are YournNonce, but The VMP rejection email still shows "YournNonce Vintage" as the merchant name. My billing details in pinterest say YournNonce, as does the profile info.

I'm at a loss of what to do. Everything on my end says YournNonce. 
I'm starting to think there is an error on Pinterest's end or cached data is being used instead of current. 

Any thoughts? 


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