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Uploading the same image is good or Bad?

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Hi, great community fellow. I am a bite confused So if anyone know about this question so please try to answer me. As I am working on game niche. The games are specific which I cover in my site content and also in my Pinterest Profile. So in this niche we can't design large number of picture because most of the things discuss through articles etc.

As we have approximately 2- 3 images per post. And monthly we post only 4 articles so I am also posting only 4 pins on Pinterest due to which my Pinterest account is not growing.

So can  upload same image or pin on Pinterest after 2 - 3 ? What are the best practice in this case please guide me about it.

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As far as I know.. its not good link the same url to many pins because the platform would suspect its spam.. but I do pin a few pictures for each blog post.. 

looking forward to know if any member of Pinterest can help us out.. 

I ´ve also heard there is a wordpress plugin to add "hidden" pictures to a blog post so that you can pin them..

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@dunyaevent In order to stay within the best 'fresh' pin practices I would take the 2-3 pictures you have associated with each blog post and create 2-3 pins with those images. Each is perfectly fine to point to the same URL, however, I would re-phrase your messaging with your text overlay to reach a broader audience of pinners with different search intent. See my image below for reference.

There is no official documentation from Pinterest that defines what the rules are for a 'fresh' pin strategy so you have to use common sense. The most optimized approach will always be delivering high-value content that best serves the pinner. 

I hope this helps! 🤓📌FINAL Red Pin Geek Opt-In.png

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