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Traffic from Pinterest is almost zero

Just visiting

Hallo, my experience and some meditation: I have a cook and travel blog. Since February started a very fast drop in impressions on my pins. And therefore also of clicks on the site: from about 1200 a day to 200, or even less.

Nothing has changed in the way I use Pinterest: only original, high-quality pins, never a repost. I constantly publish Pin idea, with good results on individual Idea Pins but no results in terms of blog traffic.

I wrote several times to Pinterest support and got a response after months: I was advised to do exactly what I already do, specifying that there are no spam filters on my account.

Ultimately, if 200 clicks a day and Pins posted from January to today that are completely invisible and don't get a click or an impression is 'normal', I think Pinterest needs to think carefully about their creators. It is useless to create content that no one sees and that does not bring you anything.



ada parisi
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