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Top 3 things you would tell a Pinterest newbie


@owlbbaking  You're welcome Liz 😍

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Hey, there!

  1. Create new pins or content (new blog posts or products) at least weekly.
  2. SEO your boards
  3. Manual pin a few pins everyday.

Those are the basics. Every niche is different, and so is every account. What I would suggest is studying a "growing account" and adjust things for your niche.

For example, review a food blogger's account and how they create their boards. Adjust according to your niche.

For reference here's my profile:

Happy pinning, 



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Community Manager
Community Manager

AMAZING tips here!!! ❤️ @owlbbaking @restyledhomesblog -- +1 to SEO @allnutritiousblog, there's a great blog post we highlighted a few weeks back you can check out here or in a Q&A we had with Tailwind here

Pins with crystal clear images are what perform the best. Quality over quantity! The more engagement a Pin receives, the more it's surfaced across the site. Another great way to gain traction is to be an active Pinner yourself -- save, like and comment on Pins that inspire you and relate to your business. 

Also, make sure you have thoughtful descriptions (keywords and adjectives that describe how people can use the Pin) and ensure your Pin links to a relevant webpage. High quality landing pages tend to rank better in our search results. 😉 

Definitely would also recommend taking a peek at Pinterest Academy, it's such a fantastic resource!! 

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