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In my Shop tab, I would like the first image to appear (the front of the product) and not one of the other images -- but it appears that Pinterest is pulling in random images (sometimes the 2nd, 3rd or last)? How do I direct it so it pulls in the first product image?

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Couldn't you make the first image the default and work on some other way of solving it later? It chooses weird little detail shots that are not helpful at all. It really defeats the entire purpose of the feed, for me. Your response is almost a year old. Please, please just have the feed choose the first image we have chosen. Thanks.

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(I have loads of products that use the same repeated images, so down my product feed on Pinterest, they're ALL repeated and it looks awful).

Not to mention when you're trying to update keywords etc. you literally have to go through ALL the images and edit them individually.......OR delete all the 'extra' repeated images which is unbelievably time consuming.

Please Pinterest, just choose the main images as default.

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Hi Pinterest and @PinterestSupport @PinterestSusana @Anonymous , this complaint is now 1 year old and Pinterest still hasn't fixed it. How can you expect Shopify website owners to spend money advertising when you don't even want to provide the bare minimum of showing the main product images? 

The attached photo shows my product grid where of the 75 products displayed, 60% show an inaccurate or bad image. (the back of a product or a detail image with zero context)Pinterest, please can you explain how a 60% failure rate is acceptable? 

A simple fix would just be to temporarily change your algorithm to choose the first image for any hosted URL's containing 

We would all appreciate an update on this outdated and poor functioning feature as I and many other Shopify owners will not be spending on Pinterest ads until you can showcase our products to an acceptable level. 

Pinterest Poor Images.jpg

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I have the same issue Pinterest chose a photo of a mailing envelope, not a product 🙂
Is there any progress in solving the problem?
Or maybe it is possible to select a photo (or create a rule) manually?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi @coderstickers!

We are still working on it.

The only workaround available would be removing any other images from your Shopify product page so Pinterest ingests the only available image. Seeing as this would not be ideal, we are diligently working on the fix.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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I have a hard time believing that it’s 6 months later with no solution.  This is ridiculous not to have the algorithm fixed for the first photo.  It’s bad business and extremely frustrating. I would like to know where in the process of fixing this problem is Pinterest?  Because there is no point in paying for advertising for the back of the product photo.  

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This is still a very frustrating issue because some of the supporting images of my products are shared across multiple products and when the algorithm pics them it makes some of my products look indistinguishable. 

Any update on a timeline for these being addressed?

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It is now May of 2022. Your diligence is a joke. Hey Pinterest, get your sh$& together!  And your response that this is number one on the list is a lie. Can you please update us on what’s going on? 

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Yet another business here with a Shopify shop where Pinterest's auto-selected images are not good at all. I am not going to be able to run an ad campaign against my Shop until this is resolved because the images are so bad. I also don't want to ruin my conversion rates by removing all but one photo. Please keep us posted on this this fix.


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Hi @MagnoliaLaneSC, @financialfootwork and @moonlightcitizen. 

Thanks for letting us know your feedback. I'm going to make sure to relay it internally. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me know if you need anything!

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