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Setting up Verified Merchant program NOT APPROVED

New member

Hi I am new here I have been selling on etsy for years now I have a shopify site . I am trying to figure out pintrest and I am not that smart . 
I have tried to set up Verified merchant program and I am getting this message 

Unfortunately, we can't approve your data source for Pin and product group creation for the reason(s) below:
Merchant is an affiliate or resale marketplace
Review our guidelines for more detailed information on how you can get your products on Pinterest and try again after updating your information.
Please fill out the form below to submit an appeal request. You'll receive an email update within 24 hours.

I have appealed same message . I do not understand what I am missing . I am not a reseller or affiliate that I am aware of . All products are mine . Any suggestions , instructions or help would be greatly appreciated . As I said I really do not know what I am doing and I may have set something up wrong . My tag is healthy , 

Cheers Derek 
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