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Redirected Pins Still Bringing Traffic??

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I have a client that decided to break her lifestyle blog up into multiple, niche specific blogs. She did this before even coming on with us as a client. We are working her original, let's call it - Master Blog. However, some of her top clicked pins (via Pinterest Analytics) are pins that link to a post that now goes to her other blogs. In the feed, when you hover over the pin, it appears to have the URL for the account that we are working (the Master Blog), but once you click through to the actual post, it is redirected to a different URL (one of her other blogs). How is this possible? 

If I am looking at her top clicked pins in PA, and I have filtered the results to only include pins that link to the specific URL I am working (again the Master Blog)? .... 

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @BryannaVPH, thanks for raising this in the community. Have you filed a ticket with support, by chance? If you have, feel free to send us the ticket # so we can look into it. Support is going to need the account info of your client, along with the affected Pins so they can diagnose the issue. Please send over the ticket info if/once you have it so we can escalate as needed. Thanks!  

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