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So I need help... I've been seeing other people doing this thing on there pins but can't figure out on how I can do it on mine.  So how can I add this thing on my pin? It's kinda hard to explain it.. but here I go.. So there's this thing that people have been putting on their pins.. it's kinda like a button to tag someone else on pinterest and when you click on that button with their username on it... it will take you straight to their account... so what are they called & how do you do that? Thanks!Screenshot (130).pngScreenshot (131).png

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@JesussTalk Hi there welcome to the community!

I saw your post and I believe that what your seeing is a Story Pin - Story Pins on Mobile specifically iPhone will allow you to the @mention symbol and tag someone as is the case in the photo you posted but you can make a Pincode for your pin | board and use that in your pins if you like or create a widget with your user name. I made a short video for you so you can see some other options and I have also included the link if you want to create a widget instead.

I hope this helps answer your question. Lisa

Widget Builder

Video Link: mentions | tagging

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