Pinterest Changes - anything else to add?

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I write about Pinterest on my website and I'm trying to keep up with all the changes. I know about the metric changes and have that down as to what's the same and different. Here's what else I've noticed has changed:


  • Dates - only shows up on mobile
  • Categories - gone


  • Created - contains pins (Story Pins show up first)
  • Saved - contains boards
  • Tried - shows pins you've tried
  • Pencil icon (left) - lets you edit your profile
  • Plus Button (bottom right) replaced the red plus button (or at least I think it was red!)


  • Hashtag - I heard we shouldn't use these anymore. The app still has features for it so I'm not willing to pronounce them dead.
  • Group Boards - still work, but not for driving traffic? Work better for collaboration and feedback.
  • Featured boards - gone?
  • Guided search - going away in place of trends?

Any others you can think of, let me know. I would like to keep up to date on it as best I can as well as update any older posts to reflect the current information.



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