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Older and Aging Affiliate Pins

Hi,  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with what happens to older and aging affiliate pins?  I have as an example, from a company that I affiliate for that seems to be taking over the description of these older pins and somehow changing them so that their product is described instead of the design description.  *This could be a work around - or some kind of glitch that seems to be going on through the company and Pinterest at the moment.  It's really a question from the company that has not been answered yet.  So, I don't assume anything.  But, I am thinking about the problem more....

For me, I kind of understand this process, which does something to clean up these older and aged pins, and makes them less likely to appear as duplicates.  The company has over a million designers for their products.  It's highly likely that each designer promotes as an affiliate and sometimes the pins can look alike, and then age fairly quickly because they're not unique enough.  That's my theory anyways as to the why.  But, I'm thinking more about what time frame do you use to do a clean up and/or purge of older and aged affiliate pins?  

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful.

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