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Hi community!

Sit tight this will be a long post 🙂

Recently I was so busy for getting ready for new Fall&Holiday season. Because we introduced couple of new products, worked on photoges and created tons of fresh content. All of our pins were fresh and rich pins, we even shared some of backstage process on Pinterest Stories. Everything was doing great, our story pins were getting 8-10 k impressions. (I usually post 2 stories per day)
But last week we had a huge drop on Story Pin impressions, and we are now getting 400-1000 impressions per story.
Another problem was with the Ads, they were not running, not bringing us any impressions or link clicks. 

So monthly viewers of our profile dropped from 1.8 m to 1.6 m viewers in a week. Which I was hoping to reach 2 million viewers by the end of this month. At least I think me and my team deserved it, we work so hard during quarantine and we spent money on running ads and creating high quality content.

I sent a direct message to our dearest Gabby about it, I was patient enough to wait for her answer. (I can't see the message I have sent her on my messenger part so I am not sure if this message delivered or not.)

But then yesterday I couldn't access my profile, there were a red sign saying this user not found, which made me say oh, no here we again? I thought my profile got suspended again.
Couple of months ago my profile was suspended by mistaken and I lost 7k followers because of this! Yes, followers are not the main source of traffic on Pinterest but, every and each follower of these 7k were important for me, they were our potencial customers. Luckily, I was able to access my profile after some hours but I am insecure about security of my account. I don't want my profile got suspended again, and I am always ready to fix if I did anything wrong about it.

So, I would love to hear your recent experience on ads and story impressions, do also experience this kind of changes on your account? I'm trying to clarify is it something to do with new Pinterest Updates or my profile was flagged as spam?

@PinterestGabby  and @PinterestJanice I really appreciate you, I feel like I have a family on this community. Everyone is friendly and willing to help each other so didn't fill any tickets, I wanted to contact with you first.

Thank you for your time and help! 🙂

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@dopemystic Hi! I am sorry that you also experienced this issue.

I am still waiting for answer from Pinterest team))

Issue is still ongoing. Will keep you posted.

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The Pinterest help team has closed out my tickets for this issue several times. I'm really not sure they know how to solve it, as it continually happens to me. We may have to do some trouble shooting on our own. @AmericanoCrystals would you mind sharing what type of operating system you use and what browser you post on? I use a Mac, iPhone, and iPad and post via Safari. I've noticed problems in the past with Pinterest tagging, pin descriptions, and messaging on Apple products. 


theburntsunsetnovel Pinterest 

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@theburntsunsetnovel Hi Chris! We use the both, Safari and Google chrome. Some of our devices are Mac, and we also use android. 

I think we left behind the era of gaining thousands story pin impressions on Story Pins. New update changed the algorithms and we will no longer get that kind of big impressions via stories. That means we now have to work even harder than before to gain impressions. Let see! 🙂

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