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Is There Anyone In Support Who Will Talk To Me?

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First I have to say I'm frustrated overall with Pinterest support.

I have always held the same viewpoint when I deal with support.

First that there aren't enough real live staff and because of this, Pinterest sends people to cookie-cutter popular issue automated responses.

These responses are ok for some users, but if your issue is different, you are forced into a back and forth of emails trying to connect with support or just anybody who wants to help you resolve your issue.

I am currently on day 3 of my support odyssey; that began when 'your account is suspended' flashed on my screen. No warning, no prior violations by me, so this message and the action of suspending my account was a mystery to me. I fired off several emails to try and find out what was going on. I received no response from support. 

Next morning my account was back, I could sign in, I was relieved. However, my account came back, with the unwanted bonus of my having 'lost' several hundred followers - no surprise as this has happened on 3 previous times, when I've had issues with my account. Still no word from support. 

I posted a video pin - 7 hours later it finally moved from being reviewed to being live and got 2 impressions, which was not great at all and stuck out to me big time. My normal quotations pins, get from 1.5K upwards in terms of impressions. It wasn't a political or controversial pin, it was just a regular quote like the ones I pin daily, so the drop in impressions was a major red flag, that something was wrong with my account. 

I emailed support again and finally got an automated response asking me to confirm my email address, which I did. Since then silence. 

Tonight I posted a video pin at 9pm and as of now, 2 and a half hours later it's still being held in review. Why?  I have no idea.

Usually, it takes no more than 20 minutes tops. Every other video pin I posted after 9pm, is also sitting in review status.  

The whole process of trying to connect with support is a painful, frustrating process that Pinterest customer service needs to address.

The sticky plaster solution of sending people to pre-typed solutions isn't working. 

Time is indeed money, but it is also in these extraordinary times, something no customer wants to waste theirs, chasing around an organization, trying to get someone to listen to their issue, engage with them and help them resolve their problem. 

I am sure I am not alone in my thinking. So if you, my fellow pinners - bloggers, crafters, house/garden/fashion/beauty/newbusiness peeps have time, would love to hear your views. Something has to change with Pinterest Support bigtime ! 

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I am having the same issue. all my pins drastically dropped engagemnet in a span of hours. their support do not reply with my helpful comment. To make things worse the community managers will even word removed per Community Guidelines you by saying it might be your fault you don't get engagements even when you haven't done anything different from what you're doing when your pins were doing well.


they will reply with generic responses without really look at your account.


i've been using 6 hours of my time daily to design and schedule pins. it's frustrating why th8is paltform now brings me nothing.

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