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Is Pinterest REALLY Listening To Us?

Just visiting

I visited the Community this afternoon and a pop-up asked me to choose to give feedback. When I did, it was not accepted because it was required to be 500 words or less. I decided for my effort to post my feedback here.

Pinterest should share with members the reasons that functions and features important to members have changed or been removed and the future direction of Pinterest. We love Pinterest and while you say you value our feedback, many of us feel like we are not being heard.

I have experienced that websites ask for member input and feedback when they are going to make big changes and despite feedback shared, they move ahead with their original plans. I've only seen less than a handful of sites that truly listen to members and honor requests and implement suggestions.

If former functions will not be restored and member requests will not be honored at Pinterest, you could at least communicate those decisions to your members, and not in a canned reply but through candid, compassionate communication.

There is no other social platform like Pinterest that I know of. While many of us would not leave, it is sad that our use of Pinterest is now crippled. Rather than spurring me to visit more, it has repelled me from the level of interaction that I once enjoyed.

You can't say that you were not made aware of our frustrations. As a member shared here in our business forums, people on other platforms are complaining about Pinterest's decline of function.

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