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Is my website flagged???

Just visiting

I’ve already sent in 5 tickets or emails to Pinterest and I’m not getting any help. 

I feel like this is the only place I’m actually seeing help - so that’s why I’m here. 

My website is verified. 
My website isn’t blocked. 
I’m not using tailwind. 

but.... anytime I link to my website, I get single digit impressions. Also, any pin connected to my website is not coming up in searches.

I have a few key terms that I would always show up in the top few results and my pins are no where to be found. 

Also, if I do search for my blog... the only thing that comes up are STOLEN PINS that link to another persons website... they are using my pictures and pins and ranking higher than me (where I’m no where to be found). 

One reply from Pinterest said they found nothing wrong with my account... but this can’t be true. I just need help if my website has been flagged to get it Unflagged. 

I have lost over 75% of my traffic to my blog and that much or more in impressions since June. 

I would like someone to tell me how to fix this. 

@PinterestGabby Please tell me what I can do 🙏🏻

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I am in the exact same boat! I was told nothing was wrong with my account, but I have also lost around 75% of my Pinterest traffic.

I hadn't even thought to keyword research to find my own blog post on Pinterest, but I just did, and none of my recipes and articles are showing up in search. And I had many recipes and articles showing up near the top of the search only 2 months ago. 

I keep submitting tickets because something has definitely changed. And all my brand new pins are getting single digit impression. I mean, do I have to run ads just to get my pins seen now?

Super frustrating. 

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Just visiting

I am facing the same with my account. None of my pins are showing up in search and my Pinterest traffic is going down daily.

Even submitting tickets, there seems to be no effective result.

All my brand new pins are getting single digit impression, as well. Extremely frustrating. Sometimes I think in quitting Pinterest. =(

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