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Intellectual Property Theft

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Our company shares our products and creative projects made with our products on Pinterest and elsewhere online. We watermark our images and/or render them in photoshop as packaged products to make them more difficult to pirate, but we are still seeing an enormous number of our products pirated by Chinese companies selling the same product for pennies on our dollar.

What are some of you doing to share your intellectual property for increased exposure but simultaneously protect your IP from this threat? Would love some more great ideas how we can combat this.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @stampendous, welcome to the community! 

Pinterest respects the intellectual property rights of others and we expect people on Pinterest to do the same. It’s our policy—in appropriate circumstances and at our discretion—to disable or terminate the accounts of people who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing copyrights or other intellectual property rights. If you believe that your copyrights are being infringed and you’d like to have content removed, visit our copyright page to submit a copyright removal notice to us. You can submit a request to us by using our web form.

You can also always reach out to with any questions about the takedown process, and our team will be happy to help! 🤝

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