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Just visiting

I have tried so many to @increase @followers in my account. but still date not happens. I have following so many groups but not getting followers

Scottish Inns & Suites Houston, TX
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Loves to help

I see you have 3 followers and 71 monthly viewers. There are a number of things you can do to increase your followers. The first thing to realize is that you have a very narrow niche. Would a crafter in Portland be interested in a hotel in Houston? Here are my suggestions:

1). Follow more people, some will follow you back. Look for those with travel related interests.

2). Put your Pinterest link on your website, blog posts, Yelp listing, or any other directory listings where you can add social media.

3). Create broader interest GROUP boards like Travel, Texas Eats/Recipes, Local Interests, Texas Music, Tex/Mex Delights. Through group boards we accumulated 200,000 followers and 1M monthly visitors. In addition, when you have collaborators, your board and brand show up on each collaborators account. Some of our group boards have 50,000 collaborators so our name shows up on 50,000 other Pinterest accounts. Our collaborators pin 1,000 pins a day to our broad interest boards so guess who is doing the work?

Start with these three tips and if you have further questions post here or DM me.

Happy pinning!

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